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Huge.  Powerful.  Talented.  Insane.  VENOM.   'Nuff  Said.
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Some may recognize Venom as Jason Ahrndt, who has worked for the WWF on TV several times, including a win over Ahmed Johnson.  Easily one of, if not THE, best big man in the business, Venom is another wrestler with a great grasp of ring psychology - building the story - with both acting and athletic skills to match.  I don't care WHO this guy is working, or how he feels about them, he's out to rip someone's head off when he hits the ring.  The V-Bomb, a modified powerbomb, has been described by men who've felt it as the nastiest, most devastating bump they've ever taken...According to one anonymous wrestler, 'It feels like a 50-foot man just stomped on me.'
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The OmegaPowers congratulate Jason 'Venom' Ahrndt on signing with the WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION.  Look for Venom to continue working independent shows for Music City/NWA Worldwide, Memphis Power Pro, New Dimension, OMEGA, and SCW over the next couple of months before making his TV Debut with the WWF
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06 July 1999

Jason made his debut tonight, as I had earlier postulated he would, wrestling against Test.  His name in the WWF will apparently be 'Joey Abs...'  He looked pretty good, worked a good match - and I have to say it's not every day you see Jason being thrown around - before the Mean Street Posse run-in that ended the match in a DQ win for Test...but the war went to the Mean Street Posse.

June 21 1999

Jason made his post-signing RAW Debut tonight as the new member of the Mean Street Posse, Pillmanizing the ankles of Brisco and Patterson.  I haven't heard for sure what his name will be, but he's got a match on RAW next Monday, we'll all find out then.  Looks like they may be setting him up for a feud with Test, but that's just a guess.


Monday Night RAW, Sunday Night HEAT


venom1.jpg (16846 bytes)     Would you want to meet this man in a dark alley?
omhbar.jpg (5312 bytes)Venom2.jpg (16231 bytes)     It's true.  God Fears Venom.
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cpv199-1.jpg (163994 bytes) Cham Pain feels the V-Bomb
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cpv199-2.jpg (41901 bytes)  These are the coolest tights in the history of our sport.
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WWF Sunday Night Heat
U. S. Broadcast 04 July 1999

U.S. Broadcast 05 Jul 1999