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All of us would like to send our collective thanks to the following:

First and foremost, the millions of OmegaPowers fans all over the world who have made this site, and the continued success of all the OmegaPowers, possible.  Without you all, there would be no "us."  From the bottoms of our hearts, individually and collectively, thank you for helping us realize our dreams. 

Memery Miller (see links page), for being a great buds and for her time and energy in providing pics and *excellent* work on the 'deep blue sea' link banner (shown here).

Ted Hobgood of (see links page) - designer and owner of the original OMEGA logo and the "nihongo" OMEGA logo, who graciously licensed it for use (and abuse) here.  PLEASE NOTE:  The OMEGA and NIHONGO logos are and 1998 Ted Hobgood and are used here with permission.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE THESE LOGOS TO BE USED WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM MR. HOBGOOD.  If you want to use it, drop us a line through the feedback page or e-mail ted through the webmaster link at  This is the original "Nihongo" graphic:


Lynn over at WWF Snapshots (see Links page) - she's been religious about sending me video captures of Matt and Jeff Hardy and Joey Abs to use here, she's absolutely indispensible. 

Wicked Walt, webmaster of the Unofficial SCW Website and the guy that took over for John Henry as SCW ring announcer when he lost his smile graciously granted us use of some of his digital photos from various shows, as well as taking pics for the OP webmaster when he was otherwise occupied.

All of the independent promotions that have put any or all of us to work over the years, for giving us a sky in which our star could start shining.  These promotions and promoters include Thomas Simpson OMEGA (R.I.P.), Southern Championship Wrestling and Greg Mosorjak in Raleigh, NC, Maryland Championship Wrestling, Greg Price, both as promoter for NWA All-Star and now as ECW Carolinas' promoter (he also owns The Main Event wrestling superstore in concord, NC), Music City Wrestling, Memphis Power Pro Wrestling, NWA Worldwide, New Dimension Wrestling, WWO, IPWA, Steel City, and many, many others who are omitted only because I can't remember them all right this minute, but they are NOT forgotten.

The 'Big Three' - WWF, WCW, and ECW, for finally beginning to recognize the incredible talent in the OmegaPowers and putting us to work for their fine organizations

The White Family of Kill Devil Hills, NC, who have generously opened their hearts and homes to more than one performer in need.  Without them, there would be no Toad...and likely this site wouldn't exist.

WCW Wrestler (and Toad's former tag team partner) Rave for being a friend and for the great OMEGA WCW POWERS sign on Nitro in early July 1999.

Individual Thanks:

From John Henry:

Becki Stoken, for keeping me sane and alive through some rough times.  There was never a truer friend than you, Pussycat.  If it wasn't for Toad, I may have ended up living on the streets....and if it wasn't for you, I may not be alive today.  People you may never know owe you a debt of gratitude that they may never comprehend.  You are golden.  It is only you and my daughter that keep me from becoming the raving nutcase that I portray onstage.

Toad, for helping a friend in need without ever asking for anything in return.  Another true friend and a man among frogs ;-).

My parents, for raising me to be an individual and value above all else, my integrity, and for always being there when I needed them.

My daughter, for being the most beautiful little girl on the planet, and for giving her old man something to live for.

My brother for jobbing to me all those years.

The RSPW Cru, in no particular order:  Jim Ray, Mattie Carrington, David Lawrence, The Bogus Prophet, Chad Bryant, Digables, Rob/Roo/D|sciple, Drk, DrkShape, FunkyM and Big Brother Allan Benson, Satyr, Adam Engel, Krusty, Dave_Z, Alicia Snow, and a ton of other people there that have shared ups and downs and a lotta laughs with me over the years, and without whom I probably would never have bothered wanting to get in the business.

The guys and girls from OMEGA and SCW that I haven't put over the way I should:  Major DeBeers, Count Grog, Natrone Steele, Scab, Dewey Cheetum, Juice, Nitestick Eddie Brown, James 'Poison' Ivey, Big Slam, Fast Eddie, Cusick, Staffsquatch, James Thurston III, Tiffany for handling the sound, Lilly Padd, and a whole bunch of other people that I'm forgetting now, but are not forgotten in my heart.

Shane Helms for letting me turn a joke conversation one night at an anonymous IHOP into a great website.

The rest of the OP's for letting my mark ass be a part of the magic.

Other personal thanks will be added at a later time