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21 June 1999

Congratulations to Shane Helms on his recent signing for three years with World Championship Wrestling. Unfortunately, his new commitments to WCW left him unable to defend his SCW title within 30 days, and he has bees stripped of that belt and his half of the SCW Tag Straps.  I'm sure he'll get over it ;-)


An accomplished tag team wrestler, and an established performer in his own right, Shane Helms continues to blaze new trails for newcomers to try to follow.   Shane can be seen in any number of independent federations throughout the eastern part of the US, including SCW, OMEGA, and as one of Music City's BadStreet Boys.  
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Known in the past as Kid Vicious and Gauge, Shane has gone from 'skinny guy' to one of the industry's brightest up and coming young stars, amassing an incredible 40-plus titles and amateur medals in his career, including 32 amateur gold medals, 7 Pro lightweight titles, one heavyweight title, and 4 tag titles with his partner in the Serial Thrillaz, Mike Maverick.  Recent additions to this incredible list include the SCW Heavyweight title, the WWO Light  Heavyweight title, and the Omega *and* SCW Tag titles with Maverick.
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More information, updated news, and more great pictures are available on the OFFICIAL Shane Helms website.  There is a link available on the OmegaPowers Links page.


soon appearing on WCW television


shcw1.jpg (186882 bytes)  Shane Helms ripping CW Anderson's arm out of the socket.
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shcw2.jpg (129173 bytes) Shane gets out of the way of a well-thrown CW Anderson chair just in time
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stwwo1.jpg (93836 bytes)  Helms shows us how painful a suplex can be.
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stwwo4.jpg (146401 bytes)  Bonsai, biiiiotch!
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shbum_sm.jpg (3200 bytes) Shane thinking hard about a loss to the Hardy Boyz in Durham, NC