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John Henry

John Henry is the only non-wrestler here.  As the SCW ring announcer, he is anything but conventional, and as a manager/technological advisor in other feds, he has a knack for making people hate him passionately with just a few quick words.  Currently training with CW Anderson as a manager, John Henry is representative of the new breed of wrestling managers - getting involved in matches, doing whatever he can to make sure that at the end of the night, by fair or foul, his man walks away with the victory.   John Henry aspires to do for wrestling managers what the rest of the great people on this site are doing for wrestling in the ring - taking it to new, exciting, and innovative places, and becoming simply the best there is at what he does.

mentoad.jpg (15834 bytes)     John Henry and The Next Incarnation of Mick Foley, Toad

jhgrjmcy.jpg (7658 bytes)     John Henry as Technological Advisor to the Brotherhood.  You wouldn't BELIEVE what Grog and I went through to get Joey and Christian to work on the same side, even for one night.

jhgrog.jpg (7965 bytes)     John Henry tells Count Grog, 'No, I won't kiss it and make it feel better!'

menjhdy.jpg (14221 bytes)     JH x 2!  The ice is to cool Memery Miller down.

mhjhmm.jpg (19030 bytes)     Matt Hardy, a very tired John Henry, and Mike Maverick

tdldcwjh.jpg (162504 bytes) Two Dangerous Minds, a Dangerous man, and a Dangerously Unstable Individual.  Toad, Lodi, CW Anderson, and John Henry.

mencw.jpg (9377 bytes) John Henry and CW Anderson the night he won the SCW North Carolina Title.

ottojh.jpg (11224 bytes) John Henry makes his debut in OMEGA as technological advisor to the Brotherhoood.

John Henry has a website at that has more pictures, stories, and other interesting links, wrestling and otherwise, as well as a discussion board.  Keep your eyes here for news, info, interviews (lol) and hopefully some more flattering pics in the near future.  To e-mail John Henry, click here.