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31 July 1999

Joey Matthews and Christian York have signed with World Championship Wrestling, we will try to have comments from them, and many of the other guys, in the next week or so.  By the looks of the way things are going right now, I'll probably end up redesigning the site again before it's finished - time is DEFINITELY at a premium for all of the OmegaPowers lately!  Given the rising stars of all of the OmegaPowers, we will be making every effort in the upcoming weeks and months to bring you more exclusive news, information, and photos, and keep you coming back for more, more, more!  Thank you for making this one of the most-visited non-commercial wrestling websites on the 'net, with OVER 20,000 HITS!  Added some links to the links page, check 'em out!  Keep checking back for updates - hopefully we can get at least once a week in in the future.  Also, as many hits as we're getting, the e-mail feedback page doesn't seem to be being used much - DROP US A LINE, PEOPLE!  You can select the wrestler you want to send a message to, and the message *will* get to that wrestler.  There's almost NOPLACE on the 'net that can offer that guarantee, and frankly, I don't know how much longer the three competing organizations will continue to allow *us* to make that guarantee, so use it while you got the chance!

And remember:


The OmegaPowers

5 July 1999

The title changes were tonight, as was Jason^D^D^D^D^DJoey Abs' debut.  Great matches, and more certainly lie in the future. Got some screen caps up on the Hardy Boyz' pages, and Joey Abs' page.  A note - the 'ho's' were friends of ours, too - Angelica was the girl with the long dark hair.  She's worked for SCW and several other indies that we all work on in the southeast, and has also worked with ECW.  The blonde was Sheri, who is Cham Pain's regular valet and IRL girlfriend.

I have screen caps of Matt, Jeff, and (it's going to take some getting used to) 'Joey Abs' (Venom), new pictures of Foxy Lady, and new pictures of Otto Schwanz.  Screen caps from RAW and Heat are up NOW on the Hardy Boyz and Jason Ahrndt pages, click below.

1 July 1999

Once again it's been a very busy week for the OmegaPowers - Jason Ahrndt said farewell to SCW, the Hardy Boys have WON THE WWF TAG TITLES, and Christian York and Joey Matthews have had dark matches with WCW and are said to have suitably impressed the management there.  Toad won the SCW Heavyweight Title from Otto Schwanz *with* a broken shoulder.  Cham Pain made a short appearance at the RAW tapings a a security guard.  CW Anderson is said to be doing well at ECW.  I will be adding more pics to the site in the next few days (special thanks to and for the pictures - Lynn runs the video capture page, and I'll have a link up to her on the links page (it's coming, it's coming) soon), and of course, keeping you posted as to who's appearing where, who's signing with whom, and all the other news that's fit to print.

21 June 1999

Another OMEGAPower debuts on national television (again) - For those of you OMEGAPower fans that didn't know, that mystery third member of the Mean Street Posse was none other than the man that God Fears - Jason 'Venom' Ahrndt, pillmanizing the ankles of both Paterson and Brisco before helping Shane McMahon leave the ringside area - for a quick shot, it looked real good to this viewer...although I have to admit, that's the *last* gimmick I'd have expected them to put Jason in.  Congrats to Jason Ahrndt!

21 June 1999

Found a fix to the technical problems that have been plaguing the site.  Not quite right, but at least work on it can proceed now.  Check out the updates to Jason Ahrndt and Shane Helms's pages, and keep checking back for more news.  Last update is below - as you can see it's been a busy few weeks for the Omega Powers.  Also fixed the link to the feedback site - please feel free to send us your suggestions - all mail addressed to wresters will get to them, although we cannot guarantee a personal reply to all correspondence.

16 June 1999

It's been awhile since I've been able to make an update to this page, and in that time, some great things have happened to the OmegaPowers.   The big news - SIGNED to major federations are Jason 'Venom' Ahrndt (WWF), Serial Thrilla Shane 'The Show' Helms (WCW, 3 years) and Shannon 'Dyanmo' Moore (WCW).  Also worth noting is that the Chair Man of the OmegaPowers, CW Anderson, is working for Extreme Championship Wrestling, although I've heard no word on an official contract signing at this time.  The OmegaPowers also wish to send best wishes for a quick recovery to TOAD, who was seriously injured in a match for New Dimension Wrestling recently, breaking his collarbone.

Congratulations to the WWF, WCW, and ECW on acquiring some of the very best free agents in the business.  Here's hoping that by the end of the year, the ONLY Omega Power not signed to a major fed is John Henry...who's not a wrestler anyway ;-)...although I'm sure if it was offerred, he'd take a broadcast or management position ;-)

23 May 1999

Shane Helms' page is done.   The worst has happened - Owen Hart died tonight on national television.  The OmegaPowers extend their condolences to the family and friends of Owen Hart in the hour of their loss.  Yeah, I realize it sucks as a eulogy, but I'm still in shock over this, I'm sorry.  Links to completed pages are in white.  That said....


Welcome to the OmegaPowers website.   You have  come here because you're not 'just' a wrestling fan, you demand quality, excellence, an transcendent skill in your favored wrestling personalities, and because you demand that a 'web site' be something more than a collection of stock graphics, twice-told tales, and gratuitous backpatting.  You want real news and information about the very best wrestlers in the business, in a format that is easy to read and navigate with professional quality graphic design and page layout.  You have come to the right place.

the OmegaPowers

So, who are the OmegaPowers?  They are, simply put, the most talented and elite group of independent and major-federation wrestlers and personalities ever assembled into one group.  People for whom wrestling and entertainment is more than just a's a way of life, something they dedicate their lives to.  This dedication shows in every appearance they make in superlative match quality, in-ring psychology, compelling stories, and a never-ceasing attitude that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing better than anyone else.  That attitude permeates ever aspect of the OmegaPowers, from the ringwork, to the interviews, to this website.

There simply is none better.

the website

Since it's inception on January 4th, 1999, the OmegaPowers website has continued to grow, improve, and innovate, having been visited by over 20,000 fans in the period 4 January 1999 to 4 May 1999.  In that time, three of our talents have been signed to work with the WWF.  In the continuing future, we fully expect that all of the vast talent of the OmegaPowers will continue to improve and grow in stature and reputation within the wrestling business.  There is no question among the elite of this business that the OmegaPowers will one day dominate this industry.  This website is their advance notice to the world;  'We are the future of professional wrestling.'

A note - this is NOT a page for the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts.  Links to official OMEGA sites, as well as other websites dedicated to the performers featured here will be provided on the links page.

Watch and Learn, wrestling fans.  Accept no imitations, settle for nothing less than the best.  That is what the OmegaPowers are all about.  

the artists

Jason 'Venom' Ahrndt C. W. Anderson
Cham Pain Foxy Lady
Jeff Hardy Matt Hardy
Shane Helms John Henry
Joey 'The Future' Matthews Mike Maverick
Shannon Moore Otto Schwanz
Toad Willow the Wisp
Christian York

tag teams

The Hardy Boyz™

The Serial Thrillaz

using the site

We've tried our best to make the site easy to get around so you can quickly find information on your favorite wrestlers.   Simply click on your favorite wrestler's name in the above area, and you will be taken to their home page here at the OmegaPowers site.  There, you will find news, biographical information, upcoming show dates, and pictures.  Simply return to this page to find another wrestler or page within the OmegaPowers site.  The two 'tag team' sites contain brief information about the teams themselves, and links to the individual member's pages. 

Throughout the site, you will see small pictures.  Clicking on these pictures will take you to the full-sized versions of them.  Hitting the 'back' button on your browser will return you to the page you came from.

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