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Joey 'The Future' Matthews

They call him 'The Future,' because that's what he is.   Athletically gifted, dedicated to his craft, and an amazing performer, Joey Matthews, another one of the young guns of the OMEGA Powers, is already redefining excellence every time he performs, whether in a light/junior heavyweight title match in SCW, OMEGA, Maryland Championship Wreslting, as one of Music City's BadStreet Boys, or in any one of the other feds he's constantly working in.  Another one with a firm grasp on ring psychology, Joey "The Future' Matthews always entertains his fans, whether they like it or not.   Keep your eyes on this page for more exclusive information about Joey 'The Future' Matthews, as well as exclusive, in-depth interviews and pictures.

jomatth1.jpg (8963 bytes)     Joey 'The Future' Matthews:  "Bring out the enhancements!"

jomatth2.jpg (23105 bytes)     'The Future' prepares to put another opponent in his past.

jmos2.jpg (101061 bytes) If at first you don't succeed....

jmos1.jpg (166428 bytes) ...try, try again.   (it broke this time)

joeyyork1.jpg (50911 bytes) "Joey, my hair.  You're stepping on my hair, Joey.  Dammit, get OFF MY HAIR!''

jmos3.jpg (75810 bytes) The Future hits the superfrankensteiner on Otto Schwanz

jmos4.jpg (76737 bytes)  Joey with the bronco ride on Schwanz.  Otto was not having a good night.

jmos5.jpg (120100 bytes) Oof.

joeyyork2.jpg (136039 bytes) And again.

joeyyork3.jpg (148660 bytes) Joey chokes the life out of hated arch-rival, Chritian York

joeyyork4.jpg (73511 bytes) Spinnin neckbreaker -  ouch.

joeyyork5.jpg (120372 bytes) your NEW OMEGA Jr. Heavyweight Champion!

joeyyork7.jpg (85749 bytes) Getting heat.   That's referee Jamie '20-20' pointing at him.

joeyyork8.jpg (49990 bytes) Another superfrankensteiner, this time on York.

Watch for Joey 'the future' Matthews coming soon to an MTV parody near you!