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'Dynamo' Shannon Moore, one of the younger members of the OMEGA Powers, still holds his own with the big boys in the ring.  Working a lightning-quick lucha/american hybrid reminiscent of early Waltman and Michaels, the Dynamo lives up to his name in every match he works.  Shannon is currently active in a number of independent federations, including SCW, OMEGA, New Dimension, and Music City, where is his a member of the BadStreet boys with Christian York, Joey Matthews, and Shane Helms.   Here are a few pics, and of course, I will add to this site as I have the chance to do so.


to be announced


kdwilo2.jpg (14813 bytes)     Dynamo goes for the frankensteiner on Willow the Wisp
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shkd1.jpg (17566 bytes)     WOOOO!  SELL that chop, Dynamo!  Shane Helms takes it to the Kid at the Berkeley
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kdmnslt.jpg (18285 bytes)     A textbook-perfect moonsault...
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jmkd1.jpg (24430 bytes)     Joey 'The Future' Matthews rides Dynamo like a skateboard
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cpsm6.jpg (140560 bytes) A spinning heel kick sends Cham Pain to the mat.
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