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Otto 'The German Beef' Schwanz

Who he is...where he's from....what you think...he doesn't give a damn.    A formidable opponent, and master of the feared 'Swinging Schwanz,' as well as an accomplished amateur wrestler and football player for Georgetown University, Otto is no stranger to pain, and takes on all comers without fear.  Easily one of the most exciting young wrestlers in the business.

ottoad1.jpg (17217 bytes)     Otto prepares to plant Toad with the Swinging Schwanz

otto1.jpg (119604 bytes) The German Beef, Otto Schwanz

oscheif1.jpg (39335 bytes)  Otto shows his genetic superiority by dismantling another opponent

oscheif2.jpg (60351 bytes)  Stick a fork in him, he's DONE!

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