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Feel tha Thrill!Click Here for the Official Thrillaz Website!Feel the Thrill!



Feel tha Thrill!Click Here for the Official Thrillaz Website!Feel the Thrill!

The Serial Thrillaz, Shane Helms and Mike Maverick, enjoy a rapidly-growing reputation as one of the very best tag teams on the independents, as well as being accomplished singles wrestlers.  Shane Helms, the suicidal technical wizard, and Mike Maverick, the unstoppable power machine, combine to create major-league thrillz in and out of the ring.  Whether it's a plancha off an 18-foot high boxcar, or a running powerbomb through the ring, The Serial Thrillaz will tear anyone in their way apart like starving animals...and look good doing it.  Since they already have their own official page, I'll direct you there for the latest thrillz, but I do have some great pics that I will keep posted here and update whenever I can.  To E-mail Shane or Mike, click here.

Note:  This page is currently being split to include separate pages for Mike and Shane.  Click either of their names in the previous sentence to see the individual pages.  Warning:  They're not done yet.

Thrillaz3.jpg (11545 bytes)     Shane Helms prepares to skydive onto an opponent....

Thrillaz1.jpg (21322 bytes)     ...and off he goes!

Thrillaz2.jpg (16209 bytes)     The Serial Thrillaz show you where it's at. Mike is on the left, Shane looking disgusted with you on the right.

stwwo2.jpg (153528 bytes) Another shot of the incredible and dangerous teamwork of the Serial Thrillaz.

stwwo3.jpg (85293 bytes)  Somewhere underneath Mike's leg, some poor bastard is regretting the day he ever stepped into a ring.

More pictures and info available at the OFFICIAL SERIAL THRILLAZ WEBSITE.