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Toad Rules.  Period.  Whether it's lucha-style high-flying, or suicidal table shots, this guy is out to give Mick Foley a run for his money.  This is a guy that had broken his hip in the middle of a match...and worked the next night.   A WCW Power Plant trainee who's worked in WCW and ECW, and indies too numerous to mention, as well as being the former tag team partner of WCW's Lodi (then known as Dangerous Minds, Dax Manson (Toad) and Raisin' Cain (Lodi), they dominated the independent tag circuit for years before going to work for WCW in 1996.  Toad is also one of my best friends in the world, and it was him that got me into this in the first place.   This is a man that has literally busted his ass to make a crowd happy...and worked again 2 days later.  Take a look at what makes Toad one of today's fastest rising stars:

bullfrog.jpg (15765 bytes)     Toad with the BullFrog on Scab

nstoad1.jpg (22653 bytes)     Toad takes a STIFF chairshot from Natrone Steel.

toad1.jpg (34500 bytes)    Toad, feeling a little light-headed after giving it his all for the Berkeley Cafe crowd.

toadbw1.jpg (15056 bytes)     Going upside down through a barbed-wire covered tabletop...all in a nights work....

toadbw2.jpg (27330 bytes)     In fact, twice a night is cool, too, to this maniac.

toadslauson.jpg (78012 bytes)     Toad with the Slauson Cutoff on Major DeBeers

toadmajchair.jpg (34527 bytes)     Toad with a 'Major' chairshot.  Man are those shoelaces bright, or what?

toad1.jpg (108972 bytes) Ladies and Gentlemen, weighing in at 220 pounds form the Good Guys Locker Room, TOAD~!

toad2.jpg (178786 bytes)  'Howdoya like THAT, HUH?'

toadcw2.jpg (49019 bytes) TOAD~! hits the slingshot rana, preparing to drive CW Anderson into a chair.

toadnat1.jpg (79716 bytes)  Toad drives the boot home to Natrone Steel.

toadnat2.jpg (156786 bytes) WHOOOO!

toadnat3.jpg (101908 bytes) the end result of a tilt-a-whirl headscissors.  Those are tacks on the mat.  And crutches and canes and barbed wire and....

toadnat4.jpg (222342 bytes)  That's twice.  This man still has no regard whatsoever for his own safety.

toadnat5.jpg (128214 bytes) Unfortunately, the 'after' picture of this didn't turn out.

toadnat6.jpg (178221 bytes) Toad chokes the life out of Natrone

tdldcw.jpg (102751 bytes) Two Dangerous Minds and a Dangerous Man:  Dax Manson, Raising Cain, and Lucky the Luchadore.

toadwho.jpg (79524 bytes) As of this time, there is no actual evidence that Toad is or has ever been involved in any way with Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart.


As usual, this site will be updated in the future with more pictures, news, interviews, and more!  If you would like to e-mail Toad, click here.