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Willow the Wisp

A mystery inside of a riddle wrapped in an enigma, former UWA/BattleArts beltholder Willow the Wisp is easily the most confusing and least easily known of all the OMEGA powers.  A man of few words, and many moves, any time Willow steps into the ring, it's guaranteed to be a suicide run.  Some of the so-called 'smart marks' out there would like to think that they know who Willow is, under that mask...they're wrong.   Nobody knows who Willow really is, least of all, the man himself.

kdwilo1.jpg (17073 bytes)     Willow gets knocked for a loop, literally, by Kid Dynamo

willow1.jpg (23228 bytes)     Willow the Wisp, brooding silently pre-match.

wtwberk.jpg (9823 bytes)
Willow the Wisp makes his Berkeley Cafe Debut.

Whiswil1.jpg (24439 bytes)     There's this move that Willow does, and that is also performed by Jeff Hardy, called the 'Whispering Willow.'  This is the first part of it, a vault over the rope....

Jhrdwhis1.jpg (13797 bytes)     And this is the second stage, being performed by Jeff - from here, he'll go into a split-legged moonsault off the opposite corner.  One day, I hope to have a realvideo of this incredible and innovative move.  I'm not sure what the relationship between Jeff and Willow is, but they are the only ones to use this move...and I hope it stays that way.  Anyone else would just screw it up.

willow3.jpg (91153 bytes)willow4.jpg (79105 bytes)willow5.jpg (112913 bytes) Various poses of Willow

wwwp1.jpg (96758 bytes)  Willow with the stiff-assed lucha-style dropkick to the face of Will Powers.

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