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Christian York

An accomplished amateur wrestler as well as holder of numerous titles on the independent circuit, Christian York is no stranger to pain - giving OR receiving.   Embroiled in a bitter feud with Joey Matthews that has ranged all over the eastern half of the country, Christian gives his all every time he gets into the ring. When Christian York gets into the ring, you watch and you learn.  Period.

york1.jpg (22092 bytes)    'You talkin' to ME?!"

york2.jpg (14420 bytes)    Christian ponders kicking the hell out of the idiot with the camera at ringside.

York3.jpg (17307 bytes)    Christian York wins the OMEGA Jr. Heavyweight title in a great match that the net.critics didn't grasp most of the psychology in.

york4.jpg (71565 bytes) Christian York peers into the crowd

yorkclr1.jpg (8176 bytes)  Holy Ketchup, Batman, that's a lot of blood!

joeyyork10.jpg (158587 bytes) Al Getz laid out, along with Joey Matthews, by a York suicide dive.

joeyyork11.jpg (119218 bytes)   Christian York has had enough.  This is a rooftop about 30 feet in the air.   That is Joey Matthews being escorted off of it by Christian York.

joeyyork2.jpg (136039 bytes)  Oof again

joeyyork6.jpg (57118 bytes) Yeah, come on, get up, get loud, I AM HERE AND I RULE!

joeyyork9.jpg (199022 bytes)  Taking Joey for the ride.

More to come, of course.  Stay tuned.