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The Story

CW Anderson, who may or may not be kin to the famous wrestling Anderson family (Ole, Gene, and Arn) has been seen of late making a huge impact in Extreme Championship Wrestling, teaming with Wile Bill Wiles and manager Lou E. Dangerously as a part of the rulebreaking New Dangerous Alliance.  Chairshots, cell-phone shots, any shot of any kind, these are the specialties of the former 'Chairman of Independent Wreslting.'  he's also inhereted the devastating 'Spinebuster' from Arn, although whether by blood or by training is a question best left to the student.

He's been a Southern Tag Team legend for years, teaming with Pat Anderson until Pat's retirement in 1998.  They held 14 different tag titles together, and are the only team in history to simultaneously hold 4 tag titles; one of those was the NWA World Tag Championship.   CW is also an accomplished singles wrestler, having held many independent titles in a career that held more excitement and high-quality matches while he was still on the indies than some wrestlers working for the big 2 will ever have.  His lethal chairshots are the stuff legends are made of, and he's universally hailed as having the stiffest knife-edge chops since Ric Flair was in his prime.

CW is also a father to the NC indy scene in another way, that being as a trainer of professional wrestlers at his training facility in eastern North Carolina.  As an unrelenting drill sergeant of the Anderson Dojo, CW has shown many a greenhorn why they don't want to get into the business.  It hurts, it's unforgiving, it's absolutely brutal, and not at all for the weak of heart.  Those elite few that are able to get through his training course have already begun to fill the void in indy wrestling left by the success of the OmegaPowers and other former indy superstars.

The Shoot

CW Anderson is, of course, no more an 'Anderson' than is Marty Lunde, better known as Arn Anderson.  He does, however, share that "family resemblance" that ran through Gene, Ole, and Arn.  He also shares something else with them - an unparalleled dedication to his craft and an uncompromising sense of duty and loyalty to the business and his brothers in it.  Anyone who has met CW in person will tell you that outside of the ring, he's one of the nicest people around (something that seems to run in common through the OmegaPowers, and most of the business in general).  Inside the ring, however, he lpulls no punches - or chairshots.

Independent and Big 3 wrestlers alike that have trained under CW - including Toad, Cusick, Scab, and many, many others will consistently give him props for being a great man and a great human being.  In a business where the watchwords are 'Don't Trust Anybody,' CW has been a great friend and a genuine inspiration to scores of up and coming young indy superstars.  He is every bit as loyal and friendly outside the ring as he is unrelenting and tough-as-nails inside the ring, and it is a privilege and an honor to work with him as a student, opponent, or just a friend.

The Photos

  CW with a connoisseur's powerslam on Bo Dupp.
Bo returns the favor with a Vader Bomb
And a Belly-to-Back suplex
CW hits the spinebuster on the big man
Bringing Bo off the top turnbuckle
Bo knows a lotta things, and now, Bo knows...
...ya don't ever turn your back on CW Anderson
Shane Helms with the armdrag takedown on CW
cwnat1.jpg (64752 bytes) C.  W.   And Natrone Steele
cwlodi2.jpg (184670 bytes) CW's head meets the turnbuckle, courtesy Rave
Rave with a nice vertical suplex
cwlodi3.jpg (165117 bytes) CW rips Rave's face off, inch by inch
cwlodi1.jpg (225781 bytes) CW shows Rave how he earned the title "Chairman of the Independents"
"...and here's one for your old man!"
Another suplex, this one on the floor
cwlodi7.jpg (110600 bytes) This shot is significant for 2 reasons.  First of all, it's a nice shot of Rave's ass for the ladies.  Second, you see that table in the background?  A few minutes after this shot was taken, there was a DDT through the table...
cwscar1.jpg (154323 bytes) ...which resulted in this 5-inch gash on CW's forehead.  There are 9 stitches in this man's head.   Unfortunately, I was too busy panicking to get a good shot of the Mass Transit-style color that CW got between the above picture and this one.
toadcw1.jpg (106629 bytes) SPINEBUSTER!!
toadcw3.jpg (223402 bytes)  Laying the forearms in on Frog
tdldcw.jpg (102751 bytes)  Two Dangerous minds and a dangerous man:  Dax Manson (Toad), Raising Cain (Rave), and Lucky the Luchadore (CW).
SCW ring announcer John Henry congratulates new NC Champ CW Anderson

Classic OmegaPowers

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