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Welcome to the ALL NEW 
OmegaPowers Website!

Update:  5 July 2000

All apologies for the delays in getting this site back up...tripod took a major bath on us as we were uploading over 16mb of new images to the server, and we have not been able to access these pages since then.  We believe we have this problem fixed (by moving some full-size images to other locations on the net) and hopefully we will have the site complete and all the links fixed within the next week or so.  Thank you for your continued patience with us!

Note to everyone that has submitted links to us:  Please resubmit your links!  We hope to have the links pages done with the rest of the site, in about a week.

Now is the time to keep checking back to the OmegaPowers site for new photos and pages.  We hope that with the resolution of the server issues, we can begin work at full-speed to get this site completed for your enjoyment!

Update:  13 June 2000

As part of the reconstruction of the OmegaPowers website, we have developed, scanned, sampled, resampled, sharpened, and/or adjusted over 160 photos for your viewing pleasure.  Some of these photos are improved verisons of what you have already seen here, some of them are never-before-seen photos of the OmegaPowers in action 'back in the day' in OMEGA and Southern Championship Wrestling.  Over 16 Megabytes of  photos, old and new, will be added to the site over the next several weeks, depending on time constraints, and the rest of the pages will be 'converted' to the new format and viewable again.  We would like to thank all the fans that have stopped by the site for their patience and understanding, and would like to remind everyone that this is a non-profit website:  we don't sell anything here, and the webmasters, graphic designers, we designers, and photographers do not get paid for their work.

Other developments and changes for the future include adding a message board and a guest book.  All photos now include an embedded Digimarc™ copyright notice that is not visible to the viewer without a graphic editing program, and cannot be removed.  If you would like to use photos from this site, please, just let us know which photos you want to use - some we have no problem sharing, others we would prefer to remain exclusive to the OMEGAPowers website, due to the personal nature of the page - and we will be more than happy to discuss it and grant use rights (where appropriate) at no charge.  We thank you for your respect in this matter.  

Again, thanks to Ted Hobgood for licensing his 'Nihongo' Omega Logo to us for exclusive use, to Shane Helms for a joke over breakfast that turned into a legend, and most importantly, thanks to all of you who, through your efforts, have helped bring the OmegaPowers into the national spotlight.  The future of wrestling is now, and it's name is spelled OMEGAPowers.

The OMEGAPowers wish to congratulate "Mr. 20-20" Jaime Scarlett on his new job with World Championship Wrestling

There have been changes!

In late July of 1999, we were forced to stop updating this site for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the increasing difficulty of "staying in touch" as the various OPs made their ways up through the independent circuit and into the "Big 3."  To date, only 2 of the OmegaPowers have NOT worked in the "Big 3," and most of them still are.

As the site gets back together, slowly but surely, the news below will be moved to the appropriate performer's page.  There are a zillion news sites on the web (to see which ones WE like, check out the links page), and this site's business is not news, but a way to reflect on the common backgrounds of these performers.  Many of the artists featured here have their own sites as well, which will be linked from their individual page, as well as the OP Links page.  Eventually, this page will contain historical information on the group itself, from the founding of the OMEGA way back when, to the coming in of the 'new' OPs.  But news?  Nah.  You can get news on almost all of these performers these days, from the major wrestling news sites.  Most wrestling fans know that Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Joey Abs, Jack Dupp, and Bo Dupp are working for the WWF; C.W. Anderson and Cham Pain are working for ECW (as were Bo and Jack Dupp until recently).  Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, and Toad are working for WCW.  

What about everyone else??

Foxy Lady Lexie Fyfe (who has had matches on WWF Sunday Night Heat and WCW Saturday Night) has continued to work independent shows and has grown in a slightly different direction than some of the OPs - rather than signing with one of the "Big 3," she has been touring Europe and doing a lot of gigs on the west coast.  A skilled and agile technical grappling dominatrix, Lexie remains one of the only true female wrestlers in the US today, always improving her work, and it's only a matter of time until we see her gracing the screens of one of the "Big 3." 

Willow the Wisp is missing, having been AWOL since December of 1998.  Rumors that he went home to Broken Hill, AU and left the business, that he 'unmasked' and is now doing jobs on one of the "b-tier" Big 3 shows under a different name, rumors that he got married and moved to Tibet...this man is perhaps even MORE shrouded in mystery than he was in the first place.  None of this is helped by Jeff Hardy having stolen his outfit to work the last few OMEGA shows in NC...however, the last show that Willow was known to have worked was for SCW in late 1998, and several people who were there (including this writer) can testify that this was absolutely NOT Jeff Hardy behind the Willow mask.  How?  Simple - Jeff Hardy was backstage at the Berkeley Cafe watching Willow's last match.  So much for that theory.  Willow's unique skills and aura of mystery are sorely missed, not only in the southeastern US where he worked most often, but also in other places he had worked including Japan and Mexico.  If the rumors of his retirement are true, we can only say that he will be missed, and will always remain a legend to those of us lucky enough to have seen him work his magic firsthand.

Joey Matthews and Christian York were signed for a period of time with WCW, and then let go shortly after that esteemed organization's booking committee started shuffling.  Perhaps with the return of Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo to the creative helm of WCW, they will be reinstated, but for now, they are kicking ass and taking names in independent federations along the east coast of the US, thrilling audiences with their incredible ability, take-no-prisoners attitudes, amazing high-flying skills, and charismatic personalities.  Certainly if WCW does not bring these 2 young superstars back into the fold, SOMEONE will.  Either man, separately or together, is quite capable of becoming a major player in any organization, given the opportunity to do so.

John Henry lost his smile and left the business, but there are rumors that he knows where to look for it.  Surely a man with such a love for performance and gathering hated the way normal people gather money will resurface somewhere, doing something, and making people love to hate him for doing it.