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The Hardy Boyz

The Hardy Boyz™, Matt and Jeff, are probably the most recognizable of the OMEGA powers by the casual wreslting fan that's not from North Carolina, due to exposure on WWF programming for the last several years.   Great ring tacticians, unforgiving opponents, imaginative writers, great actors, and incredible athletes, the Hardy Boyz™ consistently (when they're allowed to) demonstrate the kind of wrestling that people crave...compelling storylines, fresh angles, fascinating mic work, and psychology so good you'd think they were Japanese.  The Hardy Boyz have wrestled individually and separately in many, many feds, including SCW, OMEGA, New Dimension, Music City, NWA All-Star, and many more, holding titles too numerous to list.  In future months look for this page to be updated with title histories and exclusive pictures and interviews. 

Rumors abound regarding Shawn Michaels' interest in managing the Hardy Boyz, along with a couple of other current and future WWF Superstars, in a new 'stable.'   All I can say is if this comes to pass, it'll be the best idea I've seen from the WWF since they put the Boyz under contract.  Especially given the near-constant comparisons of the Hardyz to the early Rockers, I can see this as potentially a HUGE step in the Hardy Boyz' careers, and a well-deserved one at that.

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mhardy1.jpg (14524 bytes)     Matt Hardy holding an icepack for his ankle.

mmjhdy.jpg (14383 bytes)     Jeff Hardy being powerbombed by Mike Maverick.

sthdy1.jpg (22414 bytes)     Matt returns the favor to Mike's tag partner, Shane Helms, in the same match

sthdy2.jpg (13894 bytes)     Matt and Jeff take Shane Helms to school

hardyz1.jpg (32096 bytes) Isn't that Jeff Hardy in a Willow the Wisp outfit?  Proves nothing...I still refuse to believe Jeff Hardy, that kind, retiring soul, is the hellraising Willow the Wisp.  It's just too weird.

hardyz2.jpg (130089 bytes) (then) Omega Tag Champions The Nefarious and Evil Hardy Boyz

hardyz3.jpg (79060 bytes) Matt Hardy telling OMEGA announcer Scott Sullivan (who does not know anyone named Ted) what's up

hardyz4.jpg (159412 bytes) The Atrocious and Sociopathic Hardy Boyz.

hardyz5.jpg (90704 bytes) I still don't believe it.

hbst1.jpg (146633 bytes)1...2...he got him!   No he didn't....

hbst2.jpg (108777 bytes)  Jeff Hardy with the fallaway slam

hbst3.jpg (175460 bytes)  Shane Helms is on the wrong side of town

hbst9.jpg (118683 bytes) Matt Hardy gets in Shane's face

WHAT?  What about that picture of Jeff Hardy 'wearing nothing but a smile?'  Are you working people just to get them to come to your site?  What are you trying to pull?

All right, here it is, ladies.  Brace yourselves...

jnudeweb.jpg (8253 bytes)

HAH.  You didn't *really* think I'd put a nude up here, did you?   The WWF would kill me.  And yes, that's a smile.  So's this ;-)

Keep your eyes here for upcoming information on indy appearences by the Hardy Boyz™.  I know the site's kinda bare right now, but it will improve in the future with more pictures, interviews, show dates, etc.  If you want to e-mail the Hardy Boyz, click here