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Shane Helms
An accomplished tag team wrestler, and an established performer in his own right, Shane Helms continues to blaze new trails for newcomers to try to follow.   Shane can be seen in any number of independent federations throughout the eastern part of the US, including SCW, OMEGA, and as one of Music City's BadStreet Boys.  For merchandise info, upcoming show dates, and more than you ever wanted to know about the high-flying madman, feel free to check out his official page, you can go there from the links page.

shcw1.jpg (186882 bytes)  Shane Helms ripping CW Anderson's arm out of the socket.

shcw2.jpg (129173 bytes) Shane gets out of the way of a well-thrown CW Anderson chair just in time

stwwo1.jpg (93836 bytes)  Shane Helms shows us how painful a suplex can be.

stwwo4.jpg (146401 bytes)  Bonzai, biiiiotch!