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NOTE - 06-May-99:  I am running out of space here.  I've used 10.5Mb of my 11 Mb quota, and I have some things to add - this means one thing - it's time to rip this site down and rebuild it from the ground up.  I've got some bios/title histories to add, and am waiting on permission from the WWF to use scans of the upcoming Hardy Boyz article in RAW magazine - they may make me wait until it's on store shelves, or otherwise limit my use of that stuff, to prevent any sales losses.

It's come to my attention that the Java applet in the Frames/Java section is incompatible with Netscape browsers.  This will be one of the many issues I address with the rebuild.  For now, if you're using Netscape, please select one of the other options.

My time is becoming more and more limited with each passing day - which is unfortunate for this site.  However, one nice thing is that there are more and more people coming in to take up the slack...for instance, there are 2 new Hardy Boyz sites either up or in preparation to go up...links to these new sites will be included in the rebuild.

Since I am going to be rebuilding soon, but not right at this moment, I'd like to solicit opinions and feedback from everyone that visits here - what would you like to see on the site, what would you change, what would you add to it, or take away from it?  Not every suggestion will be used, but every suggestion *will* betaken under advisement.

As you all know by now, Jason Ahrndt (VENOM) has been in the WWF dojo in recent weeks - I talked to Jason recently, and he told me that he will be spending a couple of months at Memphis Power Pro wrestling in preparation to join the WWF full-time.  Congratulations to Jason, that's 3 down, 11 to go for to OMEGAPowers - the future of professional wrestling. 

We at the OmegaPowers would like to thank each and every one of the fans that have taken the time to stop by and see us - we've gotten literally hundreds of e-mails from you, and rest assured that we *do*read them, and they *are* appreciated, even if we don't have the chance to respond to them.  Remember, the best thing you can do to help put all of us on your TV Screens is when you see discussion group polls asking who your favorite wrestler is, answer them, and don't be shy about e-mailing the wreslting federations in support of your favorite worker,

Please note: some of these pages contain many large graphic images and java enhancements, and may take a little while to load.  if the page does not view properly, try the 'nojava' or 'lografx' options, with or without frames.  If you have any other questions, problems, comments, or other feedback on the site in general, please e-mail them here.

This site is best viewed with a minimum screen size of 800x600 and minimum 16-bit color.  For best results, do NOT set your browser to override font and background colors.

this site and all it's original contents, including exclusive pictures, interviews, and other information, are copyright 1998 by john henry dejong.  all rights reserved.  material may not be used without express permission from the publisher.