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Bo Dupp strong.  Bo Dupp smott.  Bo Dupp pritty.

Bo Dupp is a rather....well, he's slow.  There's just no other way to put it.  Not in the RING, mind you, in the ring he's devastating.  But in the head, is what I mean to say.  You sure don't want to have him coming at you, but in the proverbial battle of wits, this man is terminally unarmed.

With a ring style that runs the range of influences from Volkoff and Vader to Hillbilly Jim and Uncle Elmer....even with a touch of Matt Hardy and Ric Flair, Bo Dupp is one of the fastest rising young stars in the "Big 3" today.  With brother Jack, Bo wreaked havoc through ECW for many months after spending years on the indy circuit (he was known as Otto 'the German Beef' Schwanz before too many blows to the head reminded him of where he came from), where he was easily among the most feared of men.  Now working for the WWF under a developmental contract, the future is as bright as it's ever been for Bo Dupp...even if his mind has gone a little dim.  If you see this man with his fingers in his ass and he offers you a'd probably better take it.  According to him, 'smels lak rowses.'

The Shoot

Bo Dupp, Otto Schwanz, Murray Happer.  Three amazingly different individuals, all the product of a slightly twisted mind.  The man behind the gimmick is one hellaciously funny individual, and a damn good guy that's done a lot of work to elevate independent talent in his time on the circuit, having memorable feuds with the Hardyz, Venom (Joey Abs), Toad, Juice, and even he beat the hell out of a stray ring announcer (along with a LOT of other people).  An accomplished amateur wrestler and football player for Georgetown University, Bo quickly realized that his future was in the ring....and sho 'nuff, he was right.  

Fun Stuff:  At Georgetown, Bo's major was Theology.  Also well known for dropping into various wrestling chat rooms and repeating his litany of  'say beans...say butta...say your house...say my house....say lassiter' to the point of total distraction.  The burning question in Bo's life can be summed up in one sentence:

Where is the Warlord?

The Pics

ottoad1.jpg (17217 bytes)  Bo Dupp introduces the Notorious I.C.E to the Bo Bomb
The German Beef, Otto Schwanz.  When this guy smiles at you, RUN!
oscheif1.jpg (39335 bytes) Bo Knows what a good ol' boy from Lizard Lick should to to Chief John Thundercloud
oscheif2.jpg (60351 bytes) Stick a fork in him, he's DONE!
  Bo gets taken to school (along with former manager Count Grog) by Venom (Joey Abs)
Bo Knows Lilly Padd!
Come on.  Are you really stupid enough to want to get in the ring with this guy?
Frog hits the slingshot suplex...
....and pays for it later in the match with the Swinging Schwanz
Joey Matthews with the top-rope rana
Bo Knows the taste of Joey's foot
Matthews with the bronco ride on Bo
Joey has a lil' trouble getting through the table...
Second time's the charm, though.  A split-second after this was taken, they were both on the floor
CW Anderson foils Bo's attempt to hit something off the top turnbuckle
Bo hits the Bo Bomb on CW Anderson
A bodyslam from CW...
...who gets a nice belly-to-back suplex for his trouble
Bo hits the nasty chairshot on CW Anderson...
Bo with the spinebuster
Payback time...don't turn around, Bo....
I *told* ya not to turn around....
Another armdrag on Chief John Thundercloud
Bo being led to the ring my criminal mastermind and net.bastard John Henry, technical advisor to Count Grog's (visible in back) Brotherhood

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