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Jeff Hardy, the younger, blonde half of the Hardy Boyz™ WWF Tag Team Champions, is suicidal.  One only needs to watch him wrestle to remove all doubt.  It seems that spending years growing up trying to keep up with brother Matt have paid off in spades...many observers believe that while Matt is the more vocal of the team, Jeff is the more athletic of the two.  Competing all over the independent scene since he was too young to legally do so, and having traveled the world to wrestle both in single competition, and teaming with brother Matt.  Many people feel that Jeff Hardy is the best young wrestler in the world today, and this author would be hard-pressed to disagree
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Rumors continue to circulate that Jeff Hardy, the somewhat shy, always friendly, and kind of quiet kid form Cameron, NC, is also the hell-raising, rule-breaking UWF/BattleARTS champion and resident maniac from Broken Hill, Australia known as Willow the Wisp.  I personally don't believe it - it is just too damn strange.


Jeff Hardy can be seen regularly competing on WWF television programs all over the world, teaming with his brother Jeff.    Independent appearances will be posted here as they are announced.


mmjhdy.jpg (14383 bytes)     Jeff Hardy being powerbombed by Mike Maverick.
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hardyz1.jpg (32096 bytes) Isn't that Jeff Hardy in a Willow the Wisp outfit?  Proves nothing...I still refuse to believe Jeff Hardy, that kind, retiring soul, is the hellraising Willow the Wisp.  It's just too weird.

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hardyz5.jpg (90704 bytes) I still don't believe it.
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hbst2.jpg (108777 bytes)  Jeff Hardy with the fallaway slam
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WHAT?  What about that picture of Jeff Hardy 'wearing nothing but a smile?'  Are you working people just to get them to come to your site?  What are you trying to pull?

All right, here it is, ladies.  Brace yourselves...

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HAH.  You didn't *really* think I'd put a nude up here, did you?   The WWF would kill me.  And yes, that's a smile.  So's this ;-)
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