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Matt Hardy, also known as Surge on the independent circuit, at age 24 has been wrestling professionally for all of his adult life.  Born and raised in Cameron, NC, and influenced  by superstars like Shawn Michaels, Ricky Steamboat, and Ric Flair, Matt and brother Jeff staged mock wrestling battles on a giant trampoline in their backyard.  Eventually getting involved in local independent federations, and even being  federation recognized the world over by reputation as being one of the very best there is, Matt quickly made his way up through the ranks of independent wrestling to become hailed as one of the brightest upcoming talents in the business.  With a great mind for psychology and story-writing, and an incredible presence behind the microphone, hundreds of thousands of fans that have seen Matt/Surge perform in the ring have come to the same conclusion - here is one of the future superstars of the wrestling business.  As the more vocal of the Hardy Boyz team, it's a sure bet that any time Matt Hardy pics up a microphone, he'll have something to say that's worth hearing...and his wrestling ability ranks right up there with the best in the business.


You can see Matt Hardy teaming with his brother Jeff on various WWF TV programs just about every week.  Any independent appearances will be announced here as the information is received.


mhardy1.jpg (14524 bytes)     Matt preparing to administer some self-healing on an injured ankle.
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sthdy1.jpg (22414 bytes)     Matt with a running powerbomb on Serial Thrilla Shane Helms, in a match that many fans and wrestlers alike called 'the best I've ever seen.'
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hardyz3.jpg (79060 bytes) Matt Hardy telling OMEGA announcer Scott Sullivan (who does not know anyone named Ted) what's up.
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hbst1.jpg (146633 bytes)1...2...he got him!   No he didn't....
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hbst9.jpg (118683 bytes) Matt Hardy gets in Shane's face