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OmegaPowers Partners

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These sites are selected from among all the sites we link to as 'OmegaPowers Partners.'  What makes them different from the rest?  Well, it's simple - these are pages of people or companies that have helped us in some way, whether it be providing pictures, or a different site dedicated to one of the OP's, or a federation or promotion that has gone out of their way to recognize the inherent talents of the OmegaPowers in the past.

C.W. Anderson - The official C.W. Anderson Website - Pictures, upcoming show information, interviews

Dynamo Shannon Moore - fan site.  Was kinda bare the last time I looked

Shane Helms - His official site.

Lexie Fyfe Foxy Lady Professional Wrestler - official site

Otto Schwanz - official site

Serial Thrillaz - official site

The Official Homepage of the Hardy Boys put together by Yekaterina Prokohova, with graphic design by Memery Miller, both of whom are good friends of mine.  make no mistake, this is the OFFICIAL Hardy Boyz site, and is updated almost daily with writings from Matt and Jeff, pictures, poetry and songs written by Jeff, and all sorts of other goodies.

The Official Unofficial PUSH THE HARDY BOYZ website put together by Memery Miller, who happens to be just about the best graphic designer out there.  She also did the super-killer and maddeningly nifty opening logo for this site.

Toad - his Official site.

Southern Championship Wrestling- SCW Homepage - SCW is a fed that all the OPs have worked in at one time or another - John Henry is the ring announcer, Matt and Jeff have been Tag champs, Otto, Toad, C.W., Venom, Joey Matthews, Christian York, have all held belts here, and make appeareances at least once every couple of months.

The Unofficial Southern Championship Wrestling Website - Maintained and regularly updated by Wicked Walt, who is also responsible for several of the pictures on this site, either taken on his own, or holding the webmaster's camera and having it violently taken from him by a really mean technological advisor ;-)

WWF Snapshots - this is the sweet, sweet girl that's hooked me up with all these screen captures from RAW and HEAT.  If you're looking for a snapshot from a WWF TV show, this is the place. - currently remodeling.  Home of the official OMEGA Federation site, as well as the only place on the web to get 'Tributes,' a collection of eulogies and memories of wrestlers that are no longer with us, from the editors of the Pro Wrestling Torch.  Site administered by Ted Hobgood, Honorary OmegaPower, longtime friend of many of us, and he has some weird relationship with the OMEGA ring announcer, Scott Sullivan that I refuse to speculate on in public.  I've also heard rumors that he has a thing for jobbing to snowmen, but again, this is just a rumor.  

OMEGA (The Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts) is, of course, the place that inspired the name 'OmegaPowers' for this merry little band of hooligans, and the webmaster is eternally grateful to them for not suing the pants off of him ;-)  Ted also designed (and owns the trademark on) the OMEGA logos that I have modified and incorporated into this site, and I am forever indebted to him for licensing it to me to use here.  Now if I can just talk him into letting me make t-shirts, we can make some money on dis biznitch ;-)

John Henry's Site - the personal website of John Henry, ring announcer extraordinaire, manager par excellence, internet personality that you just can't ignore, and the world's luckiest mark.  Includes some great humorous posts from the usenet newsgroup, some great personal information and photos, and all sorts of other minutae and triviata

The Loose Canons - a great little wrestling e-zine that's not quite like anything else out there.  First off, becuase it's written by wrestling *fans*, rather than self-styled 'smarts,' and second of all because they have John Henry as a columnist, which no other newsletter can claim.  Check 'em out - it's worth it. 

Whoo! Wrestling - home of the other official OMEGA website, you can order tapes of past OMEGA shows here.  Also a great resource for independent wrestling all over the country.

Other Links

These are links to the major feds, and other wrestling websites that we recommend...

MUSIC CITY WRESTLING - a/k/a NWA Worldwide.  Home of the Bad Street Boys.

ECW WRESTLING - the House of Hardcore.  OmegaPower C.W. Anderson has recently started working for ECW

U.S. Independent Wrestling Promotions - the most comprehensive list of independent wrestling federations on the web, brought to you by the New Cheetah Order

WCW WRESTLING - Home of OmegaPowers Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Joey Matthews, Christian York, OPBud Lodi (thanks for the signs, brah!), and a couple of other jabrones named Hogan, Nash, and Flair ;-)

WWF WRESTLING - Home of the Hardy Boyz, Jason Ahrndt, and others

World Wrestling Organization - great indy fed based in North Carolina

If you can think of a link that needs to be added here, please use the feedback page, attention to John Henry, and we'll get it taken care of.

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