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29 June 1999


That's right, on 29 July 1999, Matt and Jeff Hardy fulfilled their lifelong dream by capturing the WWF Tag Team Titles from the Acolytes at the RAW taping in Fayetteville, NC, with a little help from manager Michael 'P.S.' Hayes.  We will have pictures from the event as soon as I get them.


The Hardy Boyz™, Matt and Jeff, are probably the most recognizable of the OMEGA powers by the casual wrestling fan that's not from North Carolina, due to exposure on WWF programming for the last several years.   Great ring tacticians, unforgiving opponents, imaginative writers, great actors, and incredible athletes, the Hardy Boyz™ consistently (when they're allowed to) demonstrate the kind of wrestling that people crave...compelling storylines, fresh angles, fascinating mic work, and psychology so good you'd think they were Japanese.  The Hardy Boyz have wrestled individually and separately in many, many feds, including SCW, OMEGA, New Dimension, Music City, NWA All-Star, and many more, holding titles too numerous to list.  In future months look for this page to be updated with title histories and exclusive pictures and interviews. 
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It seems that the Boyz will be teamed up under the tutelage of a returning Michael 'P.S.' Hayes in a new angle casting the Boyz as heirs to the throne of the Fabulous Freebirds.   While some observers have reservations about this situation, citing past attempts by the WWF at 'remaking' legendary tag teams like the Midnight Express and the Blackjacks, many feel that if anyone can pull off such an angle successfully, it is Matt and Jeff Hardy.  There are several interviews/bios available now on the Boyz, available at various web sites and a couple of dedicated Hardy Boyz sites, which can be found on the OmegaPowers Links Page.  Matt and Jeff will make their first ever RAW appearance on Monday, May 17th, 1999, in a taped, six-man match teaming with Hayes against the 'Brood' (Christian, Edge, and Gangrel).  And all over the world, young ladies are screaming and fainting.....


The Hardy Boyz™ can be seen at just about all of the WWF's house shows, and with increasing frequency on WWF TV programming.   This space will be reserved for announcement of independent dates.


sthdy2.jpg (13894 bytes)     Matt and Jeff take Shane Helms to school
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hardyz1.jpg (32096 bytes) Isn't that Jeff Hardy in a Willow the Wisp outfit?  Proves nothing...I still refuse to believe Jeff Hardy, that kind, retiring soul, is the hellraising Willow the Wisp.  It's just too weird.
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hardyz2.jpg (130089 bytes) (then) Omega Tag Champions The Nefarious and Evil Hardy Boyz
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hardyz4.jpg (159412 bytes) The Atrocious and Sociopathic Hardy Boyz.
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hardyz5.jpg (90704 bytes) I still don't believe it.  Matt and Jeff were acting strangely throughout the entire card that these pictures were taken from - perhaps he stole Willow's outfit?omhbar.jpg (5312 bytes)

hbst3.jpg (175460 bytes)  Shane Helms is on the wrong side of town
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Screen Caps (click on photo for enlargement)
Heat - Broadcast in U.S. 04 July 1999

RAW is WAR - Broadcast in U.S. 05 July 1999
Hardy Boyz win WWF Tag Titles